Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Power Rangers Finally Come

Adults of today who have grown up in 1990 probably remember the Power Rangers. This is an elite group of martial arts and gymnastics experts recruited by Zordon essays (David Fielding) to help protect the Earth from destruction. The series would have changed (or should that be morph?) Over the years, and even today, there is a samurai version of the series. For children of the '90s, though, nothing will ever beat the original television show, "Power Rangers".For years, the episodes were languishing replicas or just off the air altogether. This is no longer the case with the August 21, 2012, when Shout! Factory free "Power Rangers: Season 1, Volume 1" on DVD. That 's what fans of the original series have been waiting, with the promise of the rest of the seasons to come.The first DVD is 30 episodes long, starting with the pilot episode called "Day of the Dumpster." The box in question refers to a dumpster on the moon that held the evil villain Rita Repulsa prisoner for many years. She is inadvertently freed from the dumpster by some well-meaning astronauts. After many years of captivity, he is angry and wants to take that anger out on something. Unfortunately for the man, something seems to be the nearest planet, Earth.Nemesis Rita, Zordon has always been prepared for this day, although he hoped would never come. He collects Yellow Ranger Trini (Thuy Trang), Adam Black Ranger (Walter Jones), Red Ranger Jason (Austin St. John), Kimberly Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson), and Blue Ranger Billy (David Yost) to fight and Rita his merry band of misfits who do his bidding. Together, the defeat Rita and her minions while learning valuable lessons about honesty, friendship and teamwork.The set begins with the first episode and goes all the way episode 30, titled "The Rockstar". Episodes 17-21 are an epic story into five parts, which introduces the sixth Ranger, Tommy the Green Ranger (Jason David Frank), who later become the White Ranger.This volume has three DVDs in it, with each one with 10 full episodes on it. That does not leave much room for extras, which is a good thing, because there are none. This surprised many fans, who are used to having extras such as deleted scenes and comments expressed as a standard feature on many DVDs, especially sets like this that have been anticipated for a long time.This does not mean that all hope is lost for the fans, though. The study also release more than a box set module that has seasons 1-7. This larger box set not only has all the episodes that will be for the individual season DVD as "Power Rangers: Season 1, Volume 1", but will also have a lot of extras in there. Among the extras is a series of interviews of the cast from the back when the show was produced, as well as more recent ones to see where each actor is now in his career. This will definitely be a treat for diehard fans who have trouble keeping track of what their favorite Ranger is up to date.For those who just want the episodes and have no desire to catch up with the actors behind the spandex colorful costumes, smaller series such as "Power Rangers: Season 1, Volume 1", are perfect. If you want extras, you will have to shell out more money all at once instead of a bit 'at a time, as the studio releases each volume individually. Of course, the extras could be added to subsequent volumes, but Shout! Factory has not given any official word either way.

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